The lack of self confidence is killing me, what should I do?

I lack self confidence with how I look! I am it ugly and I am not fat! I just have broad shoulders and as a girl it kills me. I've heard many compliments of how my legs are amazing and my body but I don't dig them. It's killing me everyday when I am going to uni I struggle when I decide what to wear. I am not a swimmer and never been a swimmer. I go to uni feeling uncomfortable with myself only the guy the likes me makes me confident and yet I am sure if he does. It's complicated and it's affecting me way more than it is supposed. I need help people it's killing me. :)


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  • im sure you look great. i wish i could help. just start believing in yourself i guess... who knows. listen to what everyone else says here let their words be your strength =)

    • That's sweet thank you! YES! Let their words be my strength! Thank you ;)))

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    • dont forget to pamper yourself a little after a long day. nice long shower, or maybe a hot bath, and lotion after=]

    • Hahaha yeah thank u for the great advice 🙈

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  • First , ease up your mind. Do some yoga. Some power yoga.
    Second, dont think what others are thinking because you are thinking too much.
    Third, make it your strength.

  • let it kill you.


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  • Look in the mirror and find something about yourself that you really like. It could be your eyes, skin, hair, or anything. When you find that one thing embrace it.

    • Yes! I love my hair hahaha so much! 🙈 I'll embrace that!!! Thank you

    • You're welcome 😊

  • you should tell yourself every day that you are beautiful!

    • Maybe that would work! I'll make sure I'll always do! Thank you :)

    • Do it! It worked for me (: