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  • i want to tell her: "people who want kids donĀ“t care about all this. you are obviously not mature enough to have kids."


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  • Eh, pretty biased. The whole "having a baby is worse for your life than a death or divorce" is probably talking about COST since most people would rather bring a happy baby into he world than to lose a family member or go through a divorce?
    "Fetal cells may cause arthritis" so does a lot of things? And is that the only negative side effect? She kept saying "givin burg is bad for women" but never listed any reasons except those two.
    The woman is stupid and so is the article


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  • I don't blame her. Personally I'm not too keen on having kids although I'm not 100% decided. If I was a girl I think I'd want kids even less than I already do.


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