Anyone from North Carolina USA?

I need to find a person in North Carolina and only have first middle and last name and age... all the sites I go to I have to pay for the info or I am not allowed on the site as I am not in the USA. What is the best site to use to find a person in NC. Just need contact detail. Any suggestions please? thanks :))


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  • Unless you luck into find the info online you will have to pay to access it.

    One way would be to make some (Skype, Google Voice) phone calls to people with similar names whose numbers you CAN find and see if you can track down a lead.

    • yes thanks, great idea... clever cookie... :)) I have found what I was looking for tho...

    • Cool. My family lines in NC go back to 1690 so you'd think I'd have been more help. :) Anyway, I'm glad you found what you were looking for. :)

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  • You can try White pages. Sometimes it pays off. Have you tried just typing their name and see what comes up?

  • I'm from there

  • White pages I guess.

    • tried that..

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    • tried that too.. the problem is because I am not in the USA, there seems to be restrictions on outsiders attaining information from websites and it gives me an error code of non denial. :)

    • That sucks :/

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  • I wish I lived in NC I love it there!

    • Omg! So do I! I'm going to move there when I retire, I hope! One of my brothers lives there. Fantastic golf courses!

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