I'm stuck between going with the flow and feeling used?

I've known this guy for more than 10 years.. I've always like him (and he knows this) he tells me he likess me to but he gives me excuses why he hasn't dated me well after so many years we finally had sex (2 times so far) i am hoping that things develope into a relationship but he seems like he's ignoring me (since before sex not after) i asked him whats up and why he dsnt talk to me like he use to but he says he's been busy (totally understand that) but yet i see him on fb all the time.. to me i feel like if u have time to be on fb u can take a second to text me, right? So anyway when im not around him im like whatever im not gonna talk to him im gonna ignore him like he does me but then when i see or hear from him that all goes out the window (fml lol) then im like ok im just gonna go with the flow and not force anything.. and get it in when we get it in lol (if u know what i mean ;)) but then after we do i get a rush of emotions in my head and start feeling used then back to no just have fun! (Fyi I've never been the type of girl to sleep with someone i wasn't in a relationship with, he's the first and only) but now im stuck between just have fun with him and see where it goes and then the feeling like he's playing games with me...


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  • It sounds to me like you satisfied his curiosity of what you would be like to have sex with. He has probably wondered what you are like for a long time. Now that he knows he can chalk that one up and move on. From the little info you provided this is just my best guess.

    • What should i do? Should i stop? How can i get him to like me other than sex.. he always has told me he liked me but like i said he's just never gone for it. He has a lot of personal problems and says thats y and that he's scared to mess things up with me (excuses?) What he says and what he does are confusing

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  • fuck going with the flow you better get what you want or leave him alone

    • How do i get what i want? Im not good a this stuff

    • Closed mouths dont get fed. you gotta ASK for what you want. better yet, tell him. lay out on the table what you want, and if he doesn't do what you need him to do then walk away from him