Thoughts on Donald Trump trying to buy Guatemala?

basically it says he is interested in buying the country because it's tropical and cheaper than other options like costa rica

his original idea was to buy the country in small parts, but now he wants to buy all of it and will send Guatemalans who live in his preferred island to pay rent to him lmfao what?

this guy is a clown


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  • Buy? So it's a polite way of saying he wants to colonise Guatemala?

    This guy is just becoming more insane every time. 😂


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  • Donald Trump is a complete and total joke. There might as well be an obnoxious clown desperately trying to get reactions and begging for presidential votes. -_- Not only are some of his plans completely preposterous, but he is SO aggressive and combative that he would probably start WW3. He does not have effective communication skills. He doesn't have the finesse and demeanor to represent an entire nation at a UN conference. He would become president, say something to the wrong leader, or make the wrong move and there would be even more dead or maimed American soldiers picking up the slack for his dumb ass mouth.

    • What good does it do for America's nation for him to buy Guatemala? -_- He's already displaying bold signs that he would abuse his power as a president and act in a way that does not benefit this nation.

      He is the perfect president for ISIS recruiters who train young minds to hate America and make it their life's mission to destroy this country.

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  • I think Donald Trump should lynch himself, that's what I think.

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