Is it possible to know who downloaded your profile picture on WhatsApp?

I was quite sure that no one could possibly know. But recently my crush asked me, "Hey! Have you downloaded my picture from WhatsApp?" and smiled. I replied "No" and she didn't ask me anything further. Actually, I've downloaded her pic couple of weeks ago & even closest friend doesn't know about it.
Also is it creepy to download her pic? To me she's much more than a crush. We both know each other quite well.

  • Yeah people can find out.
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  • Nah people can't find out. Lucky guess by her.
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  • This is a common misconception. You really don't "go" to a website. The website "comes" to you. Here is why...
    When you click a link your computer goes to the web server and downloads all the website files that make up that site. Then your browser, which is actually a compiler, puts the website together from the files it downloaded to your computer. You see the result of this on your display.
    The reason I share this is if you go to a website to look at someone's images you really don't need to download them as they are already on your computer!
    Also, when the image you want is displayed on your screen you can right-click it and save the image as... or use a screen capture tool and grab as little or as much of the image you want.
    The only way the website will tell who has downloaded an image is if the website was told by the website developer to do this.
    There is a very high probability that she got lucky with her guess.