How to get rid of my sister?

She came yesterday (those who read that post about her) and i don't know how i took my girlfriend home and she did not noticed , i gave her money , and she went to a club, then came back drunk. i just want her to live me alone cause i hate her childish behaviour , if i beat her or insult her , i'll be in a trouble with my mom cause responsible of that stupid hoe. what to do?


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  • dude leave her alone! you're fucking crazy

    • She's driving me crazy , she acts like hookers and do childish stuff , she is trying to ruin my life , and now.. She's at my fucking place. shit , i bet you can live with her a single day , you'll think about suicide

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  • Sounds like you're more annoying than her. I read earlier question. She just came to stay for only a week and you can't even care for her for a mere week? This 'GF' of yours probably won't stay for long anyway (looking at trend in relationships).
    Appreciate your family. I know some of family can be really bad but from your description she is not that troublesome.

    • Will you forgive someone who ruined your life once, and embarrased you in front of people? Then give you sleeping pills tp cut your hair on purpose? Break your guitar?

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    • Do something, now! Tell your mum & ask for help of others.

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