Guys, What would you do if your girl did this? And is this childish/rude or not? I saw this question and was curious. What would you do if this happend to you?

  • It's rude, childish.
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  • No, he deserves it.
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  • I think it is rude, but reasonible.
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  • I don't think I would take it as "rude" in any way, but rather stupid/ immature on her side. I wouldn't want to date a sensitive cry-baby who plays games, drama, hints or all that stuff. Would rather prefer a bold straightforward and mature girl who tells me straight that I behaved rude to her.

    • ikr? She's 18 (well according to her profile) She should know better than to play games like that. She is just going to cause more trouble.

    • Yes, of course. Such a relationship would easily result in breakup even without any other reason. It's so hard when someone doesn't communicate properly.

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  • I would never be in a relationship with someone like that. It'd save time if she just broke up with him then rather than play games for a week and then he just ends up breaking up with her.

    • I agree. She is staring more trouble than there was.

  • What an idiot thing to do, it's disrespectful and utterly stupid on multiple levels. After the 3 day treatment is done she'd realise I'm already giving her the eternity treatment. But the worst thing is you can't win against that kind of thinking. If my reaction is apologetic (submissive) then she considers herself having "won." If my reaction is to leave or challenge her then she and her group of girl pals will label me as immature or pathetic for not handling my "punishment" well and she's still considered as having "won."