What do you think about marrying your cousin?

My family actually used to marry their relatives, about 4 generations ago.

After great-grandma's fiancè died, her parents decided she needs to marry her cousin so she wouldn't leave her family to join another. They got married in the 30's where everyone was poor. They had a disabled daughter who died in her teens and and a son who died from tuberculosis around 12-13. He got it because they had no access to clean drinking water, decent toilets or anything like that. Then a healthy daughter and my grandpa was born.


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  • I rekon dat fine oif y'all wanna get hitched with your cuz let me go get me gran papee to get y'all hitched in the beer n' church


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  • It used to be very common. There are many genetic risks with closely related people marrying. It's perhaps not the best way to procreate but it's not the worst either.


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  • Well back then it was common actually and even in the bible it states that if a woman is widowed with no children she is to marry her husbands brother its not up to her

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