What did he mean by that?

So today I was talking to a guy friend that this other friend of ours is getting a breast reduction and I'm like I want to get mine done. like them them a little bigger I'm a 36b. He laughed and said you out of all people I'm like what's that suppose to mean he's like no comment. What was he trying to say. We work in a hospital so we all wear scrubs I have a nice tight little body and I'm 120lbs.


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  • well its hard if we dont know your relationship with the guy or your personality but from what i see, it looks as if he where saying its not your thing, like he didn't expect it from you. or maybe he thought you dont need it.

    • Well he's married he's my boss we just talk at work only. We flirt but it's very inoccent

    • if so he might only be saying it as something he did not expect, though i warn you dont take the flirting any farther.. and by that i mean keep it as it is.. hope you find this helpful :)

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