Should I buy ice cream?

Okay so I've been trying to eat healthier for the last month or so and I just came back from a cruise (they had A LOT of junk food) but it's been like 5-6 days since I've had any junk food and I'm on my period... And I'm reallyyyy craving Ben and jerry ice cream. Should I do it? P. s I know this is stupid but i need some words of wisdom.


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  • I say eat it, you're on your period. You can eat healthy when it doesn't feel like your stomach is being stabbed. Not eating that food can probably make you cranky too. If I begin to crave something and I don't have it. Better watch out, I am horrid then.

    • That's all I needed to hear XD

    • Hahaha, I know it usually shines some light on the situation.