Can you be a sloppy writer, like do good creative work... but be mediocre in grammar and still be liked?

So I write a lot of short stories and I have people review my work

"Great work man! Keep up the good work!"

"Loving this! Can't wait for an update!!"

Then for every 10 good reviews I get one "Love the story and how its going, you should work more on your proof reading and grammar. But it's amazing!"

For example some musicians such as jimmy hendrix and Jimmie Paige are well considered sloppy but are great at playing just not as clean as other musicians. But are considered very good. Do some people really over look things like "his/hes" if a story is good?

I just start typing out like 10-13K long stories in a few hours. Straight from my head and people seem to love them. I read them over very quickly to make sure there isn't a huge number of obvious errors. But I'm... not an English proffessor so I know it can affect a story severly. Yet, the good reviews give me hope. So can you have say raw talen... without prestine work?


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  • Art of any form is about envoking emotion, the art doesn't have to "follow the book"

    Edgar Allen Poe was a horrific spelling and grammar person as well!


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  • It would be highly unusual for a successful writer to have paid so little attention to grammar and syntax guidelines that his writing is full of errors even after he proofreads.

    Grammar and usage rules facilitate communication. That's what they're for. If you're not using good grammar you aren't communicating as well as you could be. And the point of creative writing (for others' consumption) is communication.

    So yeah. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc., all matter a lot. You can be "liked" if you make lots of mistakes, but you'll be liked by far fewer people. All we're talking about is caring enough and being aware enough to write language that's as good as your stories.

    Good luck.

  • I can think of many successful works that have poor grammar- 50 shades and the hunger games for example. Admittedly I doubt these works will hold up in the long run, but that doesn't stop people from liking the pieces, or from them having merit.

    • I have quiet a following my gramma isn't amazing but I can go back read my first 5-8k words and now compared to my 50k words it's improved by leaps and bounds

    • I always find that when I go back to my old work I can't stand it, because of how my writing has improved. I spot small mistakes, or changes that I'd make, and within half an hour I find I've re-written 5000 words of text. The best way to improve grammar in my opinion is to just keep practising it and to keep writing, but there are a few basic guides online if you think they'll help too.

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