Good PS3 Games?

I acquired a PS3 recently from my bother who wasn't using it. He barely had any games for it and it gathered dust. I was an avid gamer in Atari/NES era all the way to the Xbox era then took a long hiatus from gaming. Now that I have a PS3 I'd like to find good games to buy. Right now I only use it to play DVDs.


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  • depends on what you like to play, but I recommend the infamous series, the god of war series, the resistance series

    • I like a lot of different types like adventure, sports, fighting. I avoid RPGs because despite no action taking place, I get addicted to them.

    • you might want to check out some collection sets, like the Jak collection, sly cooper trilogy, and ratchet and clank trilogy

  • Get the metal gear solid hd collection. 4 awesome games in one