Anyone else notice that there are more takes complaining about nice guys then there are takes written by nice guys?

Seriously, do people not get the irony of incessantly complaining about incessant complaints? I see five takes a day either bashing nice guys or telling them how to change up their act... Um... isn't this exactly what women say they do? There's literally a stigma these days to being called nice, what the shit? Seriously, for all the complaints about nice guys, I see just as many women just forming a massive circlejerk about how evil they are on the Internet as I do nice guys partaking in a circlejerk whining about their luck with women.


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  • I haven't read those Takes yet, I might soon.

    But I hope they don't encourage nice guys to be jerks.

    I want a nice husband.

    • To be honest, why shouldn't they? Guys like me don't want to be just husband material (well, not me, I don't really fall into that, I'm my own class) we don't want to just get the 40 year old leftovers who are all like "SHIT, either I get married or DIE ALONE". That doesn't really appeal to men, of course, since nice guys are so easily manipulated.

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    • We live in the same country, it's pretty damn popular in our culture.

    • Lol, I meant my native culture but I see your point now.

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  • Women like jerks. Bash nice guys. Reach 30's and ask "where are all the nice guys" ?

    Anyway women have this twisted view that if a man is being nice and ask to appreciated by her and not taken for granted that he is somehow being deceptive in trying to win a woman's affection for being nice.

    In short women expect men to do stuff for them and be used as a utility. The truth is being "nice" is an insult today if your a man.


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  • Um I see way more takes about why women go for the bad boys then the nice guys I can't recall anyone bashing nice guys.

    • Then I don't know what site you're on, considering this site is overrun with feminists.

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    • One not all nice guys are assholes I'm only talking about the ones I been talking so you go fuck yourself I'm done talking to you.

    • I'd rather you fuck me, qt 😘

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