Girls, is this something I have to deal with myself/am I being paranoid?

I am living in Asia. I am blonde with really light blue eyes and whilst I am out, I feel threatened by men. For example when I am at work, this Asian man (I won't specify what nationality exactly) man was hovering around my shop for hours and wouldn't leave and I felt scared. This sounds crazy but I definitely feel like I've had the "rape look" from other men.

Do any of you girls go through this where you live? Or do you think I am just being paranoid?


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  • you are very special to them and unusual... they dont have any decency out there with this, I have seen it with others.

    Eventually they will get used to you though and it won't happen as much. just be careful and stay safe... I know some men think that because you look that way you are promiscuous

  • Well, I think that regardless of their looks and their location, women all over the world have definitely felt unsafe, even in the workplace. Being Asian, I understand the fascination with white people and their features. Think of it as the American version of yellow fever. In my country, the traits that you described are rare and very attractive to us. Women bleach their hair, wear contacts, and use whitening soaps just to achieve the looks that you guys have going on. If you catch women staring at you, it's probably out of envy. If they're men, it could be simple fascination. But don't cross out the possibility of them being rapists, there are some pretty messed up people in this world, yano. Educate yourself on how you can protect yourself, carry around mace, learn karate, the works. It would also help to surround yourself with people that you can trust, especially if you go home late at night alone. Avoid going home late alone. One can never be too careful.

    • Oh wow I really appreciate your answer. Thank you! I'm sure you're a beautiful Asian young woman.

    • Awe, thank you! And you're very welcome. Best of luck on your dilemma, stay safe <3

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