Do you believe time travel will be possible in near or distant future?

I don't , because if it would had, someone from the future would had come in this time and hence we would know that time travel is possible. but since no one came from the future in this time nor in the past, i conclude time travel is not possible.


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  • i kinda hope it does so i can go back into the past and tell 12 year old me to not care about other peoples opinions (and to tell myself to kick my then boyfriend in the balls)


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  • Time regulators in the future go back in time to sabotage or otherwise prevent the discovery of time travel technology.

    • But they would need like million time regulators to even look after time activites of billions of people. given the corruption in this world even a single time regulator turns out to be corrupt or rather evil, the whole system would collape.

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    • No but i just read about it after you mention it, it sounds damn interesting.. the thing that caught my eye was the $7k budget.. Fucking I can make a movie !

    • You can if you have a good script and talented people wiling to work for free.

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  • I hope it won't.. It would indeed be neat, on paper..

    But in reality, once a single person time travels the very first time, I'd certify the existence of an infinite amount of timelines.

    This "infinite" number is so high that we can't comprehend it, it'd literally create an error in space, and all timelines would be filled up completely, with human mass.

    And the cause is the infinity rule.

    An infinite amount of time, equals an infinite amount of choice/chance.

    In other words, an infinite amount if people would arrive at all timelines. ^.~

    • " This "infinite" number is so high that we can't comprehend it, it'd literally create an error in space, and all timelines would be filled up completely, with human mass. "
      Untrue, space is also considered infinite , but we can comprehend that, because we understand it now. It's all fine if it is continuous, problems with asymptotic notations tending to infinity occur when data is discrete.

  • why would we know? Maybe he is on a secret mission, or maybe just maybe it's not a good idea to tell people from the past that in the future they can time travel. Brings a lot of complications, and not good ones. And also, i don't think it's scientifically possible.

    • Offcourse we would know, because people would try to prevent major disasters like assasination of lincoln and japan nuclear reactor blast etc, and the only explanation that they can give for knowing all this is , "They came from the future"

    • hahahahaha, you watch too many movies man. But unless a big portal opened and everyone would notice, i don't think we would and should. Because what would happen if we did notice? We would try to catch that person and the technology behind it. The powerful people/organizations would try to use it for their own benefit. And disasters would be bound to happen. I'm not even talking about time paradoxes, or the existences of an infinite amount timelines. Too many complications really

    • No, I don't watch too many movies, As far as the existences of infinite timelines, I refer you to read my comment on Aizou's opinion.

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