[Read descriptions] Can dreams predict the future in some way?

Ok, I'll sound very VERY cheesy and naive, but all I need is an open-minded, justified opinion.
So.. I dreamed about the guy I liked and we were together as a couple, we were walking around holding hands and I remember that we kissed. I know that it could just be my imagination and that my mind was making stuff up so I can feel pleased but read what's next! It's not the first time it happens: it's not the first time that I make "predictory"-like dreams! 2 years ago, when I broke up with my ex-fiance and moved out of the state for school, I dreamed that he'd come to my door, apologize and ask me a second time to marry him. And it happened. He didn't go all the way from Utah to me in Jersey, but he called and begged to take him back (which I refused). Then, a few month later, I dated another guy who became an ex, but who simply refused to let me move on. Shortly after the breakup, I met another guy that I really like. I dreamed that my ex and this guy got in a brutal fight because of me. There was no brutal fight in real life, but serious jealousy and hate from both my ex and that new guy I just dreamed about last night.
I know it might sound weird to you as much as it does to me! I don't believe in psychic stuffs, but these are not coincidences! What do you guys think?


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  • As far as my knowledge goes, they won't
    predict the future like "visions"

    They also tend to speak in riddles
    a fight may not be what you think
    even a colour, holds some meaning.

    At least according to common
    "dream interpretation"

    Like in this case, if I were to attempt an interpretation of your dream
    the "fight" among the two guys here, would hint that you're spending
    your time and money wrong, and warn against slander and gossip.

    Holding hands, would hint at an unchanging partnership
    or a stillness of your current situation.

    Kissing a person you long for/love, hints, that you may have
    or soon will, achieve something you yearn for/want.

    Dreams are pretty much just ones subconsciousness
    that works in overdrive, to put all the puzzle pieces together.

    Also, as I mentioned earlier, they tend to speak in riddles
    and unclear images, which will make one assume something
    that may even be far from.

    • Thanks for your explanation!
      I knew all of that. I have read about it a few minutes ago. I get that all of these could be just implied "content". But don't you think that it could be meaningful in some way that what I dreamt about occured soon after (it was a couple weeks after the dream)?

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    • You're seeking "stableness".

      A decent life, with everything in order.

      And you're slightly anxious as to whether
      it will happen anytime soon.

      That's what I got from it, at least.

    • Sounds about right. That's what I'm actually looking for despite my young age.

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