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[Read descriptions] Can dreams predict the future in some way?

Ok, I'll sound very VERY cheesy and naive, but all I need is an open-minded, justified opinion.
So.. I dreamed about the guy I liked and we were together as a couple, we were walking around holding hands and I remember that we kissed. I know that it could just be my imagination and that my mind was making stuff up so I can feel pleased but read what's next! It's not the first time it happens: it's not the first time that I make "predictory"-like dreams! 2 years ago, when I broke up with my ex-fiance and moved out of the state for school, I dreamed that he'd come to my door, apologize and ask me a second time to marry him. And it happened. He didn't go all the way from Utah to me in Jersey, but he called and begged to take him back (which I refused). Then, a few month later, I dated another guy who became an ex, but who simply refused to let me move on. Shortly after the breakup, I met another guy that I really like. I dreamed that my ex and this guy got in a brutal fight because of me. There was no brutal fight in real life, but serious jealousy and hate from both my ex and that new guy I just dreamed about last night.
I know it might sound weird to you as much as it does to me! I don't believe in psychic stuffs, but these are not coincidences! What do you guys think?
[Read descriptions] Can dreams predict the future in some way?
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