Anyone else sucks at directions or is it just me :(?

I'm a smart girl but when it comes to directions I am the dumbest girl ever. I definitely SUCK at both giving and following directions. Even if I've been to the place like 5 times before I am still getting lost. I panic and feel really under stress when I have to find somewhere.

Thankfully I know where my left and right is...

I don't know if this is some sort of an anxiety or something but I hate that I suck at it, am i alone in this? :(


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  • Maybe its your memory?

    • maybe :( well i can't say my memory is super strong but it happens like all the time, there has to be some time when my memory is strong lol

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  • I'm the same way. People give me the directions and I understand what they're saying, but then I can't get to the place, so I get lost.
    This happens to me so many times and I feel so dumb.


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  • I can follow but I can't give.

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