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FREUD'S Theory in connection with DREAM Interpretation (Dream Analysis) Any weird dreams lately? Hmmm, wonder what the subconscious is trying to tell me... Usually your conscious state is closely connected to your unconscious state of being. Meaning: What you're experiencing in your waking hours, has much to do with what your dreams signify... Any thoughts to this?

NOTE: even the most minute of details are deemed as evidence when deciphering dreams


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  • Uh I agree 101%

    I've been intrigued by dreams and anylyzing them
    since I had one certain special dream, myself.

    If you have any weird dreams, feel free to state them
    and I'll do my best to analyze it for you. ^.^

    My own dream is.. slighty odd, so I haven't
    been truly able to interpret it. ^.~

    • Dreamers Dictionary, look up each key aspect, write these down, then work the puzzle... you can Google dream interpretation, and the dreamers dictionary is accessible, but there's hard copies at your local bookstore as well, I use both

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