How to be friends with a teacher in High School?

I'm a 15yo student with high grades, and I'm not going to lie, a lot of teachers like me.

Anyways, I'm really fond of this teacher who is 24. I had him as a geography teacher last year, and I didn't want to be to personal, because student teacher relationship.

Anyways, for the next year, I'm not going to have him, as a teacher and then I'm going to graduate from my school. (13-15) in Sweden.

So I really want to be friends with him, and because It can't directly affect my grades, why not?

But how should I start to become more personal? I speak to him sometimes on facebook, but mostley about school.
I want to be friends with him long after I graudate, he's a really cool person.

Some of you may wonder why I don't settle for my friends my age, well we share no interests and have no emotional connection. To be quite honest, I feel a lot more mature than my friends, and I feel a lot better talking to people who are older than me, for instance on the interwebs.


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  • try to talk a lot and be nice and engaging.


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