What is your most vivid dream ever?

How vivid was it, how much of an impact did it have on you and did you find yourself doing something because of your vivid dream, was it a good or bad vivid dream or have you had one of each?


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  • I was a space princess being sold into intergalactic sex slavery. The ship was enormous, probably half the size of earth, room after room after room. An unremarkable American cubicle worker bought me and another girl. She was afraid and he got upset that she was rejecting him, so he morphed into a sticky blob and threw up acrid slime on her. She screamed, and I ran away.

    I met an escaped young woman in the scaffolding. But she told me to get a new hiding place and attacked me. She was a waif, who knows how long she had been there wasting away. Yet she fought me so hard. I threw her down the scaffolding.

    Somehow they found out what I had done, and I was running from the police. They were trying to arrest me for murdering someone when they were selling and raping people. I ended up in an elevator. A woman was inside so I regained my composure. She indicated she was friendly and she was going to help me. I ran out of the elevator and into a long hallway. This was different than the other rooms, these weren't overlooking an arena where women were paraded. This was like a hotel. She nodded at which room to knock on, I could hear the police running to meet me in the hallway. When I reached the door, it opened, and he was there. The door closed and I was safe. He had the voice of David Kaye and Christian Bale as Howl, and I melted. And he was perfect, and I knew him and loved him. And he saved me, and he kissed me once, softly. Then I woke up.


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  • I had many vivid dreams when I was in the hospital. I was hooked up to a picline and was getting high doses of acyclovir which was vital at the time but it give me vivid dreams and I had a dream that someone came in and injected some drug into my picline and it was gonna kill me. So when I woke up I was scared to death and almost called the Dr. in to unhook me from everything. I was weird and scary at the same time...

  • Whenever I have flying dreams they always seem SO real!


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  • One I had about 11 years or so, ago.

    I found myself waking up (inthe dream) in a vast grassy area
    the sun was shining, with not a single cloud to spot.

    I could hear the ocean waves nearby
    though I couldn't actually see it.

    Scattered throughout this grassy landscape were
    marble pillars, proudly standing, though half crumbling
    like ruins of a lost age.

    In the midst of it all, and where I was
    a great pavillon, in the same crumbling state
    as the surrounding pillars, was placed.

    I was lying on a.. bench of sort which were placed
    all around inside this pavillon, I were dressed in light white garments
    sort of like ancient greek, or the like, yet not greek at all.

    As I looked around, I noticed I wasn't alone.. there were a woman
    dressed like I was, on the opposite side of the pavillon.

    We were looking at eachother, and it felt like I should've known her
    yet I didn't, her face was also blurry, and couldn't be made out.

    We did nothing, we were simply there, existing together
    in this place of dreams.

    The funny thing was, when I actually woke up
    I had the heaviest sensation of nostalgia mixed with
    a feeling of intense joy and clarity.

    I also noticed that I'd had tears in my eyes
    when I came more to, but I couldn't help just
    reminiscing the dream.

    As you said in the question, I did indeed do something with it
    I spent a long time, and still do try, to figure if the place
    exists.. or existed.

    The dream still resides in my head, as if
    it was yesterday, though it was more than a decade ago.

    • Ever had the feeling of "this is where I should be"
      "this is where I belong"?

      That's the exact feeling I got/had/have.

  • Lucid dreaming (consiously controling your dreams)

    There was this 1 that really stuck out

    To cut a short story short I watched the universe create itself as I just observed the stars, planets, galaxies, nebulas, white holes and black holes form

    Lucid dreams in my experiance are as realistic as real life if not more 'realistic'

  • I had a dream about a good friend of mine who is a girl. I've liked her for a while and I was able to take her on a date and then we got back to my apartment and made love and cuddled. Oh, if only life was as easy as a dream ;)

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