Uber and Lyft - YAY or NAY?

Uber - "Everyone's private driver"

Lyft - *they are too cool for coporate slogans

The enenmies in the eyes of traditional taxi drivers.

Uber and Lyft - YAY or NAY?

But what are they in the eyes of the consumers?
Uber and Lyft.
Yay or Nay?

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  • Pffft , fark off. I have a car. What do you mean Toyota Echo is not a car?
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  • i dont like them.

    • Is... there a reason?

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  • Nah Ill rather ride the NOPE train. They are an emerging business with an emerging idea bound to fail. As far as for the consumers, the economy is not getting any better, period. The gov still does not realize that creating money out of nothing is not called growth. The taxi companies are already getting out of closing down and some going to court and file bunkruptcy.

    I was in Manhattan, NY delivering an overweight steel beam. The taxi drivers there are barely non-existent.

    So the Idea of Uber and Lyft maybe be a correction to reform the taxi business. It doesn't mean its good for the uber/lyft driver, as a matter of fact its a ticket to either failure or slavery.

    What does a young kid know about entrepreneurship? Buying a car, owning it, maintaining it. Fuel and time management. Competition with other drivers? I heard Uber will just make you sign some papers and give you a pimped out iphone 6. Again, what does a young kid know about contracts, laws, regulations and especially walk-away penalties/charges?

    Is Uber Liable for the driver? I wouldn't use Uber if the driver is not insured and risk getting myself in an accident losing a limb or two.

    • Uhh... interesting tangent you're going on. So the establishment bashing , lack of faith in startups and... young kid? Uhh... actually most Uber Drivers are taxi-drivers who drive Uber on the sidelines to make some extra dough... anyway...

      So bringing it back to the question of Yay or nay as a consumer.
      So the only reason you have against Uber and Lyft is because of... lack of commercial insurance.

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  • The taxi drivers should look for another job. UBer is cost effective.

    • I like Uber, honestly. It is a very convenient and nice service in my location. I always get some cool promo codes for it from https://ubergo.co/ which helps me save some good money on rides which is really cool. I know that a lot of people don't like Uber at all, but I find it a very nice service, honestly

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