When should I ask for a raise?

so I've been working at this pizzeria for around 3 months now, should I wait another month or 2 before asking for a raise?

i only work two days a week and one of those shifts is only 5 hours while the other is 7 hours.

i make minimum wage, so what would be a reasonable amount when I eventually do ask?


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  • LOL. Now, dude. Do it if you feel. I remember working at Taco Bueno for awhile and I felt that I was due a raise. So I asked. I was told that I would get it after a few weeks but I quit before then.


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  • First, you must line up a job somewhere else that pays more, or if it pays the same minimum, it is closer to you, or it has better working conditions, or it offers more learning opportunity, or some other such advantage. Then you can give notice and offer to stay--for a raise. That way, you are bargaining with something, rather than with nothing.

    Be prepared to follow through and change jobs if the boss says no, however. The way to win is NOT to "bluff".

    In this economy, however, the sad truth is that you may be doing the best you can and asking for a raise is simply not feasible.

    • there is no other job, I'm lucky that I even found this one

    • Then I hate to say it, but you need to just grin and bear it. Suggestions:
      1. Can you learn anything on the job, like operating the register and not just making the pizzas, or vice versa? Think of it as a way to *not* be bored out of your mind on the job.
      2. Can you become the manager's "lead", or "right hand man", namely, someone that s/he can delegate some authority to so s/he can go focus on the rest of the job? That experience would give you future leverage for asking for a raise, and applying for better jobs elsewhere in the future for that matter.

    • hmm well I do get kitchen experience, I have to do lots of preps, make subs. and of course make pizzas, this is quite helpful considering I wanna study culinary arts

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  • You should wait at least a year. Especially if you're only working two days a week...


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  • Go get set on another job, something better in terms of hours, or duties, pay or people. Then ask for a raise that you think would keep you at that job. Working 10 - 12 hours a week for 3 months isn't a very strong negotiating position.

    • no, in the summer I've worked 5-6 days out the week but now since I have college I've been given 2 days and another job? do you know how hard it was to find tho one...

    • Well I don't know where you're from so I really don't know how hard it is. I know where i'm at you could probably get offers for 3 or 4 slightly better than minimum wage jobs in a few days. It really doesn't hurt to ask for a raise, typically you can find wage information for your job type in your area online to help frame up what you should ask for. But really, help yourself by going out and doing a job search even if it is hard.

  • lmfao! im so sorry to tell you! but you might as well wait another 2 years! no joke, you'Re 18, prob just starting to work, prob without a contract, you're lucky you're getting payed minimum wage.
    but take this as a GOOD introduction to the real work world! you'll ALWAYS feel underpaid!
    better start selling pizzas out of a food truck! might as well put those hours in for yourself and make more then minimum wage. there is no way out.

    • this world is going to burn in flames

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    • just dont! you either ask for a raise when you - either have been there a long ass time and have been a good employer/slave, OR you're so essential to the business, that he really can't afford to loose you. you've been there 3 months, on the weekens. you're def not essential and you def haven't been there long enough!

    • I've been there for 3 months working weekdays, until last Saturday where they made my schedule to cooperate with school. oh well, apparently they add 25 cents every 5 months lmfao I'll take it