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I'm having a really bad night now, I could use a hand. I'm so frustrated with geometry its stressing me out. Its the second week of school and I'm close to failing. I have a 78 which is still a C+ and that's failing to me. My mom took me to barnes and nobles to get a geometry book but it wasn't helping. I've been giving the worst attutide to my mom she doesn't pay much attention to me... she comes home from work, showers, eat watch tv (majority of the time) doesn't ask how my day has been and goes to sleep. I hate the lack of attention. She thinks I do nothing for her, I help her with everything. Recently. I helped her renew her costomelogy license cause it was about to expire. She doesn't know how to use eletronics... She thinks I should get school tutoring but that's too short... Even if i ask questions teachers won't make sense which makes it more confusing. I'm stressing out. I've been bawling my eyes out all evening. My mom started ignoring me, I question her if she's ignoring me now and she lied and she's like no, u struggling with a subject is ur problem not mine. She started mumbling things I couldn't understand it probably was about me... Help.


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  • Youtube :o take it from me, that hiw i barely passed my math class in college , they example at a user friendly pace so type in the genre of the problem

    But make sure you dont have a teacher that teaches you


    For them to test you


    This is why i always hated math class

    • Like a simple mistake is like 10 points off... or if I have half of the answer done, but not the other part its still 6 points off... like can't I get partial credits?

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    • I don't know, Its the second week of school. She grades our test harshly. Like this one girl, just b/c she didn't put the word pattern in her explanation she got 10 points off and got a 40

    • Yeap she hard :/ i recommend tryibg to go to her for help, but youtube and klan a math website is your salvation

  • My mom was an alcholic when I was 15 I rarely seen her. she's an imagrant never helped me out because she doesn't talk English. So what I did? I hunged out with the smart kids and asked my teachers for examples. Use your brain your mother can only do so much. Im sorry to say but its the truth!

    • So... our deal is to help one another... if she wants me to succeed she should get me a tutor weather its expensive or not. not.."Oh thats your problem" she doesn't do that.. That's like the 1st time. She would always be supportive.

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