Not a gender based question... more electronic based?

I have a iPad and it died but whenever I charge it it turns on for a few seconds then dies then does the whole thing all over again. It's like I can't keep it to charge because it just keeps resetting and turning on and off. What does this mean and what I can do to fix it? Does anyone know? PleAse help asap.


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  • How old is the iPad? It may have a worn out battery.

    • It is around a year old and I also haven't used it in a while.. I recently, like 3 or less months ago started using it and it worked totally fine. Now I'm not sure what happened.. its been dead for a while a lot of times. And it still managed to take a decent charge. So I don't understand what could of happened here.

  • You bought an Apple product, what were you expecting?

    You do know that the work camps that make those have suicide nets to keep the overworked, underpaid, and malnourished employees from killing themselves. All that just so you can get your iPad.


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