Im in Jrotc and need help with coming up with a Charlie Co. Motivation can I have some suggestions?

Im in jrotc and I need to come up with a motivation, any suggestions would be great


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  • Tell me more about this 'Charlie Co.' thing!! I was unable to serve for physical reasons, but I know a lot of JROTC, and even Active Duty Army! My father served 13 years Army Reserve!!
    I 'tutored' a few, many years ago, shooting, to qualify.

    • So in my battalion, our core is split into companies, mine happens to be charlie and were having an event soon where the the entire core gets together and we show them our motivation/jodie that we made, its supposed to be fun and have that hype to get the new kids involved more

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    • well i mean were an army jrotc but we tend to have a lot of fun, its not only based military wise and plus if it were strict all the time we wouldn't have all the good and academically intellectual individuals, my core consists of kids with no disciplinary records, so we dont need to be so hard on discipline so yes we have fun

    • Not judging, just not what I remembered from my friends in college! Maybe it is the 'New' JROTC, and they get you interested by the 'fun'.

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