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Every person is born as a jigsaw puzzle. You have to take the pieces and put them in the right place for the puzzle to be completed. Unfortunately for you, there is a single piece that does not fit your jigsaw. This piece is the heart. The trouble now is to find the person who is missing the piece that you have and hoping that they have your missing piece as well. You can try to force these pieces to fit but the puzzle just won’t look right. This is the part that most people have trouble accepting, the pieces just don’t fit. Once you have found your missing piece, you will become complete and beautiful and everyone realises that you have taken the time and effort to finish your puzzle and become complete.

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  • When you find the right life partner, you can swap the odd pieces you have, and you both will be complete.

    There is one probem. Pick the wrong person, and they will steal one of your good pieces, and still leave you with a heart piece that doesn't fit. You then end up worse than you were to start with!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Pretty good analogy, tho we can love more than one person in our lives, so i say we have a few of those jigsaw pieces.

    • then again, puzzles also use the same shaped piece, but i understand what you mean

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  • Pretty much, yeah.

    But I'd say we're holding to more than
    just a single unfitting piece.

    One for each of those people
    we just seem to click with.

    • true, i'm more or less talking about the piece for the person you love, but i see where you are coming from

  • It is cute, but also really naive. The heart piece never really fits, you have to trim its corners, squish it in its place and glue it to stay put, once in a while it will fall off and you will need to reapply the glue each time.
    You will realize that puzzle piece will never quite fit and you will start loving it for what it really is.

  • C.
    Voted D by mistake.

    • lol, no problems. i thought most people would think it was alright anyway