Why would he do this?

We were having a conversation which I thought would end, but he seemed to continue on.

I messaged back the book I was reading and he didn't reply/check it.

I don't get it. Either he doesn't know much about books, (but seriously google), or he didn't want to talk to me to begin with which genuinely surprises me why he'd bother asking what I was reading.


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  • He is feigning interest in what your doing. Sometimes you get found out when you do that. But I'm sure he was only doing it to be nice and because he wanted you to like him. I had a similar experience when I tried to have a conversation about opera with a girl who was really into classical music

    • Hmm but wouldn't him not replying make me not like him? surely he realizes its rude to do that.

      lol I don't understand I thought he was smart and liked to read himself.

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    • That is true, I will usually try to talk about anything. But sometimes I buy myself time in order to maintain a meaningful conversation about a topic. If I really liked a girl and she discussed a book then I would try to read it before I spoke to her about it. Granted it is unusual not to change the subject in the meantime to buy yourself time

    • I suspected he may be trying to do that, (reading the book), but I'm pretty sure he would have to check the message in order to know what book I'm referring to.

      Ah. If his intention is sincere, I wish he'd just tell me. There's nothing I love more than filling someone else on the book I'm reading.

      I don't know him very well. He might just be trying to gauge if I'm actually really smart and nervous about making an impression.

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