So facebook now requires us to provide some identification... What do you think?

Facebook is getting more and more annoying as time goes by.

They logged me out today and told me to change my name because it is against their rules. Pffffft fuck their rules. They're a SOCIAL MEDIA for fuck's sake... Every single one of my friends know my real name, I don't need to display it for everyone to see. I definitely don't want to be easily found by my possible employees or coworkers without me actually giving them my fb name... Facebook is not fucking linked in. Facebook is not serious.

Anyway, they now have this new section in their FAQ, last edited a month ago, stating the types of identification that you have to provide them. Either 1 official document, or 2 unofficial documents where your name, photo and birth date are stated.

The fuck is facebook trying to turn into? Fuck that shit! Facebook contains stupid contents anyway, I barely ever use it if not for the groups, to connect and share infos with strangers online.

If facebook asks you to provide a proof of identification or else your account would be deactivated, what would you do?


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  • Are you sure this isn't a scam or malware? This sounds extremely fishy.


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  • I haven't logged onto facebook for over a year now, I just can't be bothered with it because it's bullshit. This makes me think I'll never bother to log in to facebook again.

  • You sure it's not a scam of some sort? They never did that to me. Then again, I use my real name.

    • No no, it was on the real Facebook app. I got logged out both from Facebook and from the messenger and people couldn't send me messages

  • I got annoyed and deleted FB account. I never missed it even for a second. Now I wonder why the fk I'd opened FB account.

    • If it weren't for the groups I'd deleted it too. Although there are some data that are memorable to me and I don't like them gone...

    • I just downloaded full backup. Every memory, message from my account is safely stored on my hard drive.

    • Think I'll do that as well before they force-delete my fb...

  • Good thing I got rid of it a long time ago facebook is mostly for hood rats and stupid bitchy white girls


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