More Classes Or Harder Classes?

I'm in college and it's my second week and I already know what graduate school I plan to attend. Even if I don't get accepted, I hope to get good enough grades to be accepted in a better school either way. But I am not the brightest student in the world. Like if I really do try, I can get great grades, but it takes a shit ton of effort and my major is comprised of the subjects I am terrible at! Like if I really do try, get tutoring done, and study my ass off I can be a great student. But my concern is the fact that the major is literally full of the two subjects I am the worst with.

So my question is if I should just dive in and take harder classes or try to work more classes in my work schedules (cause I'm a first-gen college student, I HAVE to work). My advisor is also confused about it considering what I brought up. I will have to take a lot of time to study and get help I need for the harder courses, but I will also have to take a lot of time to go to more classes. I know I have plenty of time, being a freshman and all, but I don't want them to look at my college application and go, "Oh this student was in basic classes all first and second year" *toss application to side*. I want them to see I was in basic classes my first year (no choice) and then really hammered it down and maybe catch their interest. I also am in several clubs and organizations tailored to my intended major and minor as well as just to kill time, meet people, and really have some fun.

I know you might read this and think, "Well it's simple: Do neither." But to do that is a failure to me and the last thing I want in my life is to end up like my mom with NO college education or my dad whose struggling to do what he wanted to do at my age now and support a family.

So basically: should I take more classes or harder classes?


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  • My first question is, why would you choose a major comprised of courses that you're terrible at? That would be my first indication that perhaps it's not the right major for you.

    In addition to that, I would take it easy your freshman year. College is an adjustment, even for the best students. You're going to get carried away with the freedom, meeting new people, being a part of clubs/activities. I'd suggest taking basic level classes your first year to get your feet way. It's more about developing a routine and becoming an adult anyway. If you push yourself too hard that first year, you'll end up failing classes which will look a lot worse.

    • I wanted to do this for years. The upside is it'll be something I'm happy with and can live comfortably doing. The downside will be the subjects. The ones I'm good at have been shown to not make me any damn money to support a family and I want to be able to put my weight in. I refuse to go into a career that makes money, but I will be depressed doing.

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  • If possible, do 5 years and work at your own pace.


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  • more classes!


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