How can I be the guy that all the girls want?

There are those guys that all the girls just want to be with. How can I be that guy?


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  • No one can get ALL the girls they want.


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  • 1.) Get fit
    2.) Get groomed.
    3.) Keep skin clear.
    4.) Upgrade your wardrobe.
    5.) Become comfortable with people.
    6.) Become comfortable with showing your sexual side. (without being a pervert)
    7.) Pursue your passions with passion.
    8.) Learn to fight.
    9.) Respect the law (but walk the line a bit)
    10.) hold yourself in high regard.


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  • Well, that's hard different women look for different things in a man, but in general a woman always wants a true man and not a guy who behaves like a kid, so what I am trying to say is, be mature, act mature, be assertive (at least when needed) always know what you want and don't be satisfied until you get that, be a man who would always be devoted to the woman he loves. I think in general women look out for these qualities.

  • All girls don't want one guy.