Girls, Why are you feminists trying to degrade men and cause trouble for society?

Feminists are doing nothing but creating a bad name for men and playing the victim card for sympathy and creating conflict for everyone. Look, life is not fair, get over it and just accept it. Whining and complaining will not make things better or "equal", it will only create another issue among the trillions we are already facing. Do us all a favor and stop trying to influence everyone into handing over control of the world to women, that's all you want and it's rediculous!


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  • we want equality not to degrade men.

    • Well you guys have made me feel intimidated by girls now. You feminists are almost only all made up of girls and the assertiveness you guys enforce in society for your needs or whatever has caused me to lose any feeling of control towards girls now and I just feel intimidated by them. My girlfriend found out about how I feel now and I do what she tells me cause I dont have the feeling of control anymore since you guys are ruining everything.

    • Wow, I was drunk when that comment was sent. I am reading it now and all I can say is that either the most retarded man on Earth was using my computer that night as I was passed out, or I owe you a HUGE apology. I know I should apologize because I am the most retarded man on Earth. Go FEMINISTS!!! You are our planets last hope =]

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