What International city that has never hosted an Olympics would you like to see host?

I would love to see: Toronto Canada, Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, Dublin Ireland, Manchester England, Bonn Germany, Brisbane or Adelaide Australia, Shanghi China, Cairo Egypt, Havanna Cuba or San Francisco host an olympics. Most of these cities have been considered in the past, but never made it to the final selection.

I would also love to see maybe Phoenix Arizona host it once


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  • Maybe Istanbul, Kuala Lampur or Dubai. Chicago is interesting!


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  • Toronto Canada recently had the PanAm/Parapan games and I don't know if people will want another event in the city.

    I'd love to see one in Brisbane Australia

    • Brisbane was a top contender for the 1992 games but lost to Barcelona Spain in the last round. Sydney London and Atlanta put on the best games of the last 20 years. Though everyone thought Atlanta was a joke

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    • Whether the people will want the Olympics based of the current economic situation since a lot of investments need to be made and whether it is worth it. As well as hostility towards foreigners from locals.
      These are just a few problems there are many other ones I just haven't given it much thought.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Bonn, Germany :)

    • Munich and Berlin have hosted. I was thinking Bonn or Dusseldorf as well.

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    • you can watch on TV When we had Atlanta in the 90's thats how I saw it

    • Well we dont have a TV in student dormitory here but then I can watch it online on effin small screen go out in some bar.

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