Should I move on? What to do?

I met this guy who is 10 years older almost 4 months ago and he asked to date me exclusively pretty quickly. He told me straight up that he wants a relationship and isn't looking to fool around. We would see each other all the time and he would initiate meet ups/texts/calls. He treated me really well. He seemed genuinely very serious about me and his words always matched his actions, he included me in his future plans. We built a friendship but at the same time, a romance as well by the seems.

About 2 months into dating, I decided to sleep with him. He kept getting calls that day from work. He came really quickly but made sure I was pleased as well. I unfortunately got my period and he was really caring about me, making sure we went out to the supermarket to get santiary items. He told me that it was a shame I got my period as I am sexy and he wants to have sex again. He then decided to take me out for dinner and continued to get calls. Apparently his boss told him that he needed to be somewhere by the morning. During the dinner, he asked me where I want to be in 5 years and he said he would like to be married and settling down with a family. He then brought up that previous girls can't take his busy work schedule but I reassured him that I would be respectful and understanding of it. He texted me the next morning asking how I slept, I replied and then he stopped texting me. He said he was back in town.

I replied & didn't hear anything. I asked how his trip was and he said that he is still working & asked how I've been. I told him that I am going away this week (last week I sent that) & would like to know when he's free he replied asking when I am going, how long for and that he is also going away soon. I told him for a couple of days and he replied asking what day so we could plan and that he misses me. Week later (last night) I tell him I'm back and he says welcome home and then nothing.

I said welcome home to him 2 nights ago and I haven't heard anything now*


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  • Tell him he's not the only one missing the other and tell him you can't wait to see him but you will wait for when he's available. the best thing you can do for him and you is be the dream partners you can be. Enjoy and love each other and never let the distance get to you guys. Make memories you can talk about later on.


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  • Do you mind if I ask your age and his age? If you do mind that's fine.

    My general answer/opinion is that you should do what makes you happy. Be safe and smart about it all, and take things slow, but have fun. If you're truly interested, go with things and let them go as they will.
    If for any reason you have hesitations or doubts, do not ignore them. Communicate with him openly and work on it together.

    Distance is difficult to deal with in my opinion. It's not impossible, but incredibly difficult. The younger you are, the worse too. Because you have so much life to live and things to experience yet. While he's in another place in life, as you're already aware by him telling you.

    Do what makes you happy (:

    • I am actually 20. Don't worry about what my age says on here! And he is 30, going on 31. Thank you for your advice

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