How come the buzz you get from drinking alcohol lasts shorter if you pee?

I noticed that after I drink alcohol, as soon as I pee ONCE, the buzz goes away very quickly.

If I don't pee at all, the buzz stays for longer.

How come? Is your bladder connected to your blood circulatory system or something?


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  • This happens to me to! I think its bc the alcohol stays in your body if you dont pee thats why you stay buzz longer. I don't know really thats just what i think haha


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  • You're very close. The blood and lymph in your circulatory system is constantly changing in pH, salt concentration, etc. based on what you eat. In order to stay neutral and normal, the circulatory system is connected to the kidneys, which filter water, salts, glucose, etc. into the kidney. The kidney then does some additional filtering before storing the filtrate in the bladder. The liver plays a role in detoxicating your body of the ethanol as well.

    If you consume more alcohol than what your body can process, you get drunk. However, it IS still constantly working on making your body go to homeostasis, so if you urinate, you lose the filtrate that is in your body.

    Essentially, you are putting stuff in your body that the body considers toxic, so it works on excreting that as soon as possible. If you're just buzzed, your body can potentially 'keep up' with your intake.