Apologising in person: Should I or should I not?

Well I apologised to a guy earlier over text and if he's angry at me he usually just reads the text but doesn't reply. Now that I apologised, he won't even read it, I know that he's been online and able to see the message. He does have evey right to ignore me, I did fuck up.

Do I have to apologise in person, I know I seem like a bitch to be apologising over text but I find it extremely hard to apologise to people that I'm not extremely close with. So do I leave it or apologise in person before he ruins my school life?

Nothing about sex, please.


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  • Without more information about exactly what you've done it's difficult to determine exactly how serious the issue is.

    Whatever the case may be however, it would seem important perhaps to remember that an apology is not about the person giving it. It's about the person receiving it. A true apology should not be focused upon making yourself feel better, but upon making the other person feel better.

    That this person is seemingly ignoring you allows for several possibilities. It could be they don't accept your apology. That they have but no longer feel the need to talk to you or want you to suffer somewhat for what you have done. It could be they just don't want to see anything you have to say and are ignoring you currently.

    You're the one who knows them. They've apparently been angry at you before. You'll likely have to decide for yourself how much an in person apology will mean to them, and if it will actually make them feel better. And if you truly believe an in person apology will matter to them, and make them feel better, then you should probably do it. Your discomfort will just be part of the price you have to pay.

    Something to note though is that depending on what you did, there may or may not be ways to make up for it. And there are things you could do to show how much they matter to you (assuming they do). Forgiveness is not necessarily something given, but something which can (sometimes) be earned.


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  • just fuck him. he's hot.

    • Is that relevant?

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    • woman don't bother with non-hot guys in general. It's pure biology. As soon you start to care about guy and writing some messages on e-boards, you are putting effort and you wouldn't put any, if he was not hot.

    • If you read my last question this will add up

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  • make a sincere apology in person