Do you like it when members of the sex you're attracted to, go to a gym to workout?

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  • Nah, not really. It's cool to work out sometimes, but these gym junkies often go overboard to a point where it becomes unattractive. It's awesome for a guy to be fit, toned, but all these big muscles are just really unnecessary.

    • Going to the gym doesn't necessarily mean you're a gym junkie body builder. In fact most aren't. If a guy went regularly for a whole year starting at skinny, this is what he'd likely end up as:

    • I know, I was talking about the ones who do go overboard... I've seen a lot of bad examples in my life. My point is, I really don't care about that. I'd rather the guy did something creative instead of going to the gym.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Not really. I'm into skinny or average women with relatively little muscle, not into very fit girls who work out a lot. I'm also not a big fan of working out in a gym myself. The way I "work out" is more the type of activities that you do for fun, not because you desperately want to get fit (going swimming in our beautiful lakes in the summer, hiking in the mountains etc.).

    • Yeah I'm the same with women. Most guys I know that go to gym do it as a hobby for fun as well though.

    • I know there are people who do it as a hobby but it has always been hard for me to understand why someone would rather work out in a stuffy room with many other people instead of going out into the nature. But maybe that's because I live in a small town and have nature around me. Obviously for people who live in big cities that's much harder to do :-).

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  • for sure it's attractive. I'm not looking for some gym douche but knowing a man puts in ANY kind of work is pretty hot.


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