Israeli drinking laws?

This is really random but let's say you are a 19 year old from America, where the drinking age is 21. You are traveling to Israel, where the drinking age is 18. When the American is in Israel can they drink?


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  • Obviously you can. You always have to adhere to the rules of the country of whose soil you're standing on. If you're in Switzerland or Germany, you can drink at 16, in the Netherlands you can smoke a joint or eat a space cake and in Bolivia you can legally chew coca leaves. Whether you're American, Chinese or Nigerian doesn't matter.


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  • No, they cannot, as a foreign person you too are bound to the Israeli law.

  • Yep. Ireland is the place to go though.

    • Lol why? I do plan on going there one day.

    • Because Ireland has really good beer.

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