Guys, what should I get my boyfriend for his 17th birthday?

My boyfriends birthday is in a few days. He loves playing guitar, watching war movies and the office, bands like Godsmack, Disturbed, three days grace, nickelback, and dreams of entering the marines. I travel a lot, and on those trips i generally get him shirts or last time i got him a marines cup. For our 6 month, i gave him a basket of his favorite candies and Mt. Dew... Im out of ideas.. what should i do?


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  • Maybe get him or make him a birthday cake and either make or buy him a greeting birthday card. Since he likes music maybe you can get him a t-shirt of his favorite band or you csn get him memorabilia of those bands. If he likes sports you can get him anything sports related to his team. If he dresses up get him some ties or cologne. Maybe you can get him a nice pocket knife. Also maybe you can get him a nice war movie that you know he doesn't have or own to watch.

  • a new guitar maybe?

    or if he doesn't want a guitar... i believe a meal to an xpensive restaurant could work as well... :)

    • so wot do u have in mind?

    • His birthday was yesterday and I got him a bullet tank toy thing and his favorite candies and pop and him and I alternate at school, he has morning classes and I have afternoon, so I took him some buffalo Wild wings!! I asked about guitar stuff and he said he didn't want or need more picks, I didn't have money for guitar accessories! Thank you for your input!! Really!!(:

    • u r welcome... :)

      buffalo wild wings... i approve... better than some meal at a fancy restaurant... :D

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