Girls, Would you call your ex back after humilliated her?

Ok, 2 years a go I split up with my ex, back then I was all in to my job I got a better position in my company and I really loved my job, by the time I got home I was so fed up with stress and stuff that I start to relax my own way by playign xbox games late at night and text message with friends an people I knew from work. I dont know what happened but I end up on a world of phone dependency and I totally tuned my girl out of my life, dont get me wrong she interested me but I just I didn't want to talk to her for some reason she was nice and carrying but I guess I created doubts in her mind with my text mssg she became to freaking jealous and she was right because some of this girls were interested in me; I never cheated on her but somehow I feel like I was just doing it to boost my macho eggo. Long story short we broked up, is being over 2 and a half years and the people from the text mssgs disapeared some of the ones in the chat lines were fake people with fake names and faces and I end up alone in square one. I realize how good she was to me and in my life and what an ass I was now I want her back should I call her or not since I know she suffered a lot and moved on now has another boyfriend?


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  • She probably move on there a 99% of that.