Do you think fetishes are weird?

I have one and no one knows about it or what it is.
I can't help how I feel. I like it, but I still feel weird and guilty about it inside.
Anyone agree? Disagree? Anyone know this feeling/feel the same way?


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  • What is it?

    I think fetishes are perfectly fine, I really do think everyone has their own kink whether they admit it or not. I've become very open minded over the years, and although I won't take part in everything I have become more curious to the logic and psychology to fetishes and sexual fantasies, and once you get over the obstacle of "You what? - that's weird" it makes sense even if it doesn't particularly turn you on.


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  • No there are not weird they are just personal preferences.

  • I can relate. Just keep it to yourself until you find someone understanding

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