Should telemarketing even exist as a job?

Why would anyone want to do something in which he's going to be send to hanged up or yelled at?

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I don't see the point of calling people to promote them stuff when they are more than likely not in the mood to suddenly buy something.


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  • No, because they no longer make the money like they use to there is Do Not Call List
    cause they use to call people like crazy , I had some girl actually flirt with me to get
    long distance with the company she was working for.. She said, my name was the same as her ex bf's but she made her voice sound seductive to me.. She made it look like i
    was getting off to her voice yes kind of crazy but true.


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  • Cause they're desperate, uneducated and need money

    • I'd rather clean houses or mop floors if I were that desperate.

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What Guys Said 2

  • I worked in a call center for five months I can tell you its a hellish place to work. I have stories I could tell that aren't very appropriate

  • Yes people want the job done and are willing to pay people to do it, and other people are willing to do it for the money. That's why it should exist, and why it does


What Girls Said 1

  • Its really really REALLY annoying!

    • True and sometimes they aren't even native speakers. I heard that some latin countries have been on the rise in call centers.