Why do mentally unstable people like talking to me?

Maybe everyone just has a lot of shit to go through, but every time I make a new friend, they tell me their life story ASAP. Most of the time it's troubling stuff like, "I've tried killing myself 3 times." or, "I kind of want to hurt animals"

Also, then they never leave me alone. They talk to me 24/7 and don't let me have my own space. Is this just me? Am I that attractive to super clingy people who are a bit unstable? I by no means want to offend anyone, I myself have mental problems. I also enjoy listening to others and giving advice. It just gets very tiring..


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  • Or we can appreciate how lucky we are that we don't have problems like theirs and lend them a shou... oh...
    you have some problems yourself as well... huh.

    Well there's the saying.
    Birds of the same feathers flock together

    • i dont mean like wanting to kill animals though you turd x

    • Well that went down the hill fast.
      Neither did I.

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  • i0.kym-cdn.com/.../5f0.gif

    Yeah, I had once a friend who told me ''He kinda liked to hurt animals' ..
    After that he thought we were Best friends , but I clearly was freaked out by him. I kind of wanted to help him , but I was to afraid to xD

    • That's it :') that's how i feel.. But yeah, no matter how disinterested i am they just keep talking to me

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  • where do you meet them?


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  • Why not discuss this issue with them? You keeping your mouth closed is pretty much letting them know you're okay with it,

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