Tom Brady's suspension was lifted from federal court. They didn't even look in to if the balls were really deflated or not?

The judge just up and decided to lift the suspension. They didn't think to even look in to the deflate gate scandal. Is this a problem with our judicial system. Everyone knows Brady messed up. He should have to pay for it


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  • I'm not so convinced he did something wrong.


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  • I agree something is wrong here


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  • The case was about if Roger Godell had the authority to issue this type of punishment. Not if Brady cheated.

    • But he did cheat, he needed to be punished

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    • But he was punished for cheating, they lifted his suspension, so now he thinks he can cheat and get away with it

    • Like I said I get it. But the NFL never proved Brady Cheated. Whatever he was proven guilty of did not warrant 4game suspension. I believe the suspension ended up being for not co operating with the investigation and not for cheating. Godell has passed down lighter sentences for the same infraction which is why he lost