Do you think people actually benefit from taking REVENGE on someone?

Personally, i don't believe they do. It takes up too much time and energy. It leaves them feeling emotionally drained, and it also prevents them from moving on from the hurt. The pain remains "raw" , instead of allowing time for it to fade and heal. Plus, they usually have to face the consequences for their actions.

I would never take revenge on anyone. I'm not a vindictive person at all! I could never hurt anyone intentionally. If someone hurts me i do one of two things: If they hurt me unintentionally, and they acted totally out of character... I'd forgive them. If they intentionally hurt me by betraying my trust in someway , or if they were "playing" me... I'd just cut all contact with them.
Do you think people actually benefit from taking REVENGE on someone?

What is your opinion on taking REVENGE on someone?


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  • In the long run revenge and anger will only hurt yourself. Happiness is the best revenge.


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  • Where did you get those shoes?

    • Haha! Did the shoes distract you from the question? Lol 😉

  • I love the idea of revenge but you're right it doesn't do much in terms of healing. It just feels good and you have a sense of closure then you can move on and heal.


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  • I think it purely depends on the situation and the person. Some people cannot move on without having some kind of revenge, whether it's by hurting them emotionally/physically, getting them to jail for what they have done, or like the famous quote "success is the best revenge". You can't say I would never take revenge on anyone. Revenge has different meanings depending on the context. One common type of revenge is getting someone to jail because they've maybe raped or killed someone. Imagine having your mother raped, would you just sit back and ignore it like an "intelligent" person would, or would you forgive them like a "strong" person would? Or would you be "weak" and bring your mother justice by bringing him to court and eventually to prison? And yes it is a type of revenge because you are making him pay for what he has done.

    Or another example: You've been bullied over and over, treated like shit, beaten, the teachers don't care, and your bullies think they're all that and think they can do whatever they want. Forgiving them won't do shit, ignoring them sure as hell doesn't make a difference. But taking revenge, may change things, I know it did for a friend of mine when he was younger. He was fed up once and beat the bullies back in revenge. And since then they've stopped bullying him. Would you call that weak or strong?

    People like to say "I would never do this and that" but when you get into a troublesome situation, you have to think what's actually gonna work. Sure, not taking revenge may be seen as "good" morals and mature in some situations, however, you gotta look at the big picture.

    I take revenge on people when I see that they deserve it because maybe they don't realise what they are doing wrong or they do know that they are wrong and think they are all that and don't need to say sorry because they are the shit. Some people just need a good slap or a punch to get their shit together.

    • I disagree! Taking revenge does not help you move on, it just wastes your energy resources. I believe people who take revenge have some sort of psychosis. I'm a strong person and quite level- headed , so i feel no need for revenge.

      Revenge means you "plot" to hurt or harm someone. The person you are hurting is yourself. I would never take revenge in the sense i wouldn't waste my time or energy plotting a scheme etc.

      Sending someone to jail for rape is justice not revenge. Plus, it protects other people from harm.

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    • A guy i was friends with punched a guy because he wanted to seek revenge. He didn't mean to kill him... just hurt him. The guy he punched died from , and the guy who punched him is in prison. So if you take revenge then you have to be prepared for the consequences. Justice is not the same as revenge that is why they have different definitions

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