A geeky thing noticed. Anyone else noticed it?

When I posted one opinion, I wrote into it (F-W-B) but that was converted to friends with benefits automatically when I posted the opinion. Is it the technical stuff in GAG that does it? Anybody from computer science who got the hint? Just try posting friends with benefits here and see if it is converted to its full form.
Or maybe Im hallucinating.


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  • It's sort of the same concept has auto correct in word or on Iphones, i have a rough idea about the code concept behind it

    • What is it exactly called? Its a part of text analytics right?

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    • Same concept yes, but ti would require a lot of code and wouldn't be the most efficient way of coding, more than likely it's an algorithm, or it could even be a SQL query being run and the result is populated due to it being in a database

    • Oh yes you are right. With the number of slangs on internet they cannot use "if-else" for each letter. The algorithm has probability it would hit a "valley" and never come out.
      So you mean if it "seems" like some really out of dictionary chunk of letters (not a sensible word), it would rather be passed to SQL and searched against probable short forms (Key) stored in database and the resulting query would throw the preferred fullform (value). Sounds true!!

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  • Same thing happens to me if I put (B-T-W) instead of by the way , it automatically converts it

  • It's called word filtering. It's basically an autocorrect for specific words and phrases, most smartphones can have this set up now.

    • Im on GAG from my desktop though. Autocorrect is for spellings but word filtering sounds the thing! I didn't know about it earlier. Thanks. They are probably using the data for analysis in this case. I think hardware does not have any role here.

    • It's the same function but it's set up through the site instead of your computer.

    • Its cool feature!!

  • Let's try,
    friends with benefits

    • Holy moly it actually does covert it to full form. I typed initials of it.

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    • Noooooooooo, my privacy!!!

    • You'll be a part of mass study but would be contributing to statistics under the category of "Male". I think you'll still be anonymous.

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