Should I send it?

I'm about to graduate high school and I want to send an email to one of my favorite teacher to say thank you, He is the one who got me into reading. I studied with him 3 years ago and we sent email all the time and then he just stop reply my email, it's been a year now since his last email. (he's 24-25 years old and I'm 17 now) he was my teacher but we were also kinda friends. We talked about music, movies, books. Should I send an email to say thank you? I don't want him to feel awkward.


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  • You can thank him for being a good teacher to you and igniting a desire to read more but I wouldn't start talking about friendship stuff. It may make him feel uncomfortable and might give the impression of something pervy going on. Just be really professional about it all if you want to send him a thank you email, that way no one gets the wrong idea.