How to stop being afraid of my grandmom's dog?

So I'm staying with my grandmom for a little while and she has a pitbull named Jade. She's had Jade since she was a puppy. Usually I'm not afraid of dogs. In fact, I love dogs. The thing is her dog doesn't really know me and she's super protective and the moment I walked through the door she started growling at me and tried to lunge at me. I've been trying to gain her trust but I'm not sure if it's working. She'll let me pet her for a moment, and she'll eat snacks out of my hand, but I'm still a bit afraid of her. I haven't gone in the kitchen at all because she likes staying in there. I'm not afraid of her because she's a pitbull. We've always had pitbulls in my family, but Jade just makes me uneasy. If I come near her without a treat or food for her she stands like really defensively.


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  • I think it may take time for the dog to get use to you. That is good that you feed it snacks. I think with time it will get use to you.


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