Do you think there is ever really a point to arguing with people in internet comments?

Sure, I've gotten into some internet debates going back and forth and back and forth, but nothing has ever really been accomplished. I can count on one hand the times where I've actually gotten someone to apologize or see my point of view, but mostly people are emboldened by the fact that they can 'fight' with someone anonymously, and of course say whatever hateful, or rude, or false things they want (that I'm sure most wouldn't dare say face to face), and there are no repercussions. Is there a point to these endless debates. Has any of it ever made a difference to you or for you to participate in it?

  • Yes, I actually think I can change the other persons mind on a subject or at least want to try
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  • No, there is absolutely no point. It never solves or changes anything to internet comment battle
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  • Yes, I just like to argue and/or troll people. It helps pass the time
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  • No point, but even if I've been proven wrong, I just have to be right, so I keep it going
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  • I have the argument and make my points. I don't think I can change the person who im arguing with but I feel that I can influence peoples minds who are on the fence so to speak

    • how often do you think that it's actually worked that you changed a few minds?

    • couldn't tell you I don't know how many times people have read the back and forths

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  • I'm all for debates, but the personal attacks NEED TO STOP!!! You're debating, not fighting. So what if he/she disagreed with you? So what if you think (oh, I'm sorry,"know") you're right? Are you seriously going to let pride, prejudice, and vanity assume control of your faculties? If you are, then you're weak and stupid. It's not ignorance, that is no longer an excuse. We live in the age of information, you just don't like reading. You have nothing to be proud of, so drop the act. You're nothing special, so STOP PRETENDING YOU ARE!!!

    • who, what, why are you yelling?

    • Because I hate bullies. And hate is probably an understatement...

    • maybe you should write a take on this. Might help you to vent a little.

  • It's not necessarily about changing minds, it's about taking the wind out of the sails of a certain point of view. I have been involved in hundreds upon hundreds of Internet arguments. Some got really bad. We can all agree to disagree at the end of the day, but there is honestly a huge advantage to growing up and not overly caring about what people think on the Internet.

    That being said, if I see an overly toxic worldview that is problematic, I will have no problem confronting it. It kills me when people here claim as a defensive shield that I hate women, yet they don't even look at my post history or know what I've done for women in the past. And no, I don't want to be rewarded for that, but the person who made the take didn't allow anonymous posts.

    • Yeah, I remember you!😊 I'm not against Feminism by any stretch of the imagination, but I know why girls say I hate women.
      1.) I critique Feminism.
      2.) I word my arguments like Texan Hellfire & Brimstone sermons.
      3.) I use caps lock as an attention getter.
      4.) I always respond to impolite remarks, like an immune response.
      There's probably some more issues I have that I forgot to mention. In truth, Feminists aren't the only ones I've done this to. I've done this to Open Carrytards, pro-gun, anti-gun, anti-marijuana, anti-minimum wage raise, anti-abortionists, and anti-video game advocates. I hate zealots, not women.

    • One thing I forgot to state is that I'm vague about who I'm criticizing and expect everyone to somehow know who I'm talking about.

  • its fun to argue


What Girls Said 3

  • @BeeNee Your point about trolls is absolutely right. I will sometimes (only when one strikes a nerve) call them out on their hideous trollism. Most of the time, if I respond at all, it's only once (maybe twice) then move on.

    I also agree with @GirlScout. It's almost never happens here on GaG (I think it's simply the nature of the site) - but on occasion, people post or ask legitimate things that they are willing to listen to both sides of a particular issue. Those occurences are rare but nice to see.

  • Debate and argument are two different things, it is a very rare occurrence that someone is willing to debate and discuss with the view to educating themselves, it's bloody lovely when it happens though and you yourself can learn something new.

  • I'm a nice girl but when someone tries to bully me I can be pretty mean. Whoever it is attempting to troll me doesn't know me. I do a pretty good job at making losers feel like shit. This doesn't mean that I go around trolling because like I said, I'm a nice girl. Everybody deserves to learn one way or another, they aren't exempt.

    • I'm learning more and more there is zero point to trying to have arguments with trolls. Their entire point... is... to... troll, and you arguing back is just feeding into exactly what they want you to do. Now if someone is trying to actually make a valid point or argue something you can kind of tell they believe in, then maybe some back and forth may be worth it for you or them, but otherwise, got better stuff to do in my opinion.

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