Do you know anything about ghosts or spirits that shape shift?

I was watched a youtube video from a person i watch frequently and she spoke about a creature that was in her house one night that looked just like her dad and vanished in a second.

This reminded me of two shape shifting experiences I have had where an entity that looked like my cousin was talking to me and my siblings only to find out he had been upstairs the entire time with my sister

and the second time where everyone in my house was sleeping yet both my brother and sister saw my shadow silhouete in the hall bathroom (yet when my sister turned over i was sleeping next to her)

does anyone know anything about this kind of stuff or can explain it to me?


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  • O. O...

    Lady it's friggin 11 at night!

    That's it, just for that, I'm gonna send you some creepypasta

    There now we'll both be awake all night.-.


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  • The spirit walkers?
    Yeah. I know what you're talking about haha


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  • Did all of this happen at your house? If so, it's probably spirits/ghosts messing with you guys.

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